Improving Quality in IC/BPS

Global Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Society is the leading resource on IC/BPS for patients and doctors. We aim to make IC/BPS more manageable and improve quality of life by understanding IC/BPS better.

GIBS Society

GIBS 2017

GIBS 2017 is being held in August and will bring new facets to the understanding and management of IC/BPS. Register as a delegate today and avail benefits of the GIBS fellowship. Learn from the masters and share patient experiences live.

Be a IC/BPS Crusader

Interstitial Cystitis is a life changing disease and we are working hard to understand what causes it and how we can improve the lives of our patients. If you are a medical professional enthusiastic about IC/BPS, Join us now !

Swati Orphan Disease Foundation

GIBS is brought to you by a company driven by Humanity. Swati Orphan Disease foundation is working towards rare disease and trying to make a difference in millions of lives. Know more about us and how you can help.